Frequently Asked Questions


Where will my profile be showcased?


The profile would be showcased on Business of Brands website.

How will I get the certificate issued by you?

The certificate of your trustworthiness will either be hand-delivered or sent to you by courier.

I already have a logo. Can I get any other service in its place?

Awesome. You may opt for a flyer, designed to suit your needs.

What brand identities will be created for me?

Designing of Business Card, Letterhead and Envelope.

Can I get changes done in my already listed profile?

Any subsequent changes after approval is charged.

Where will you post my story, and in which language?

Story is published in English or Hindi on either of G Caffe news websites i.e. Business of Brands or Bharat Bolega

What kind of story will you publish?

Story will talk about you or your work. Reference links of English and Hindi stories can be found below:

What do you provide in a one-page website?

In a one-page website all important information sits within the same webpage. As such we provide a basic website containing your information like About, Services, Contact Us and social media linking, making the experience continuous and fluid for any user.

What kind of video can I expect?

Video is conceived to showcase you and your work using text, graphics, royalty free images and music. The video is up to 60 seconds and does not involve any shoot.

For reference click on the link Little Capri Island Wear: Shabnam Oberoi’s linen story

Do I get social media management under any GCP plans?

Social media management is a monthly service which can be discussed separately. For quick reference you may visit

Do you also provide digial marketing plans?

We are glad you asked this. We have a separate service named G Caffe Digital which you can visit by clicking

What if I am interested in promoting my brand?

We offer customized branding services based on your needs. You may kindly visit for complete solutions to all brand requirements.

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